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Becky was wrapped in her soft velvety covers. Her long white hair spread out on her pillows. A silver music box on the bedside plinked away its winsome melody. But in her dreams, she walked amongst the stars. Tiptoeing along a slender arch of burnished glass, twinkling in the starlight. Becky held out her arms to keep her balance, humming along with the music that surrounded her.

A crack of thunder rent the violet clouds drifting between the stars. Becky gasped, the thunderbolt nearly caused her to lose her delicate balance. Strange, she didn’t remember it raining as she fell asleep. A flash of light danced across her eyes as another crack rent the darkness. A crack that wasn’t thunder.

Welcome, dear reader, to the shadowy world of Grimwalde…

Grimwalde Book

A young girl unraveling the mystery of who she is, uncovers the conspiracy that destroyed her family, and forever changed her nation. All the while being aided by a mysterious force with a will of it’s own.

Grimwalde Short Stories

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